This foundation was created and donated by Marcus Wallenberg, the former Chairman of Atlas Copco, on his 70th birthday 1969. The purpose of the foundation is to provide Atlas Copco employees and retirees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with the opportunity to apply for rehabilitation.

Retirees also have the opportunity to apply for contribution for glasses/contact lenses, hearing aids and dental care.

Swedish Re's facility in San Augustin, Gran Canaria offers for example rehabilitation, for:

• Joint, neck and back problems

• Heart, lung and vascular diseases

• Musculoskeletal Disorders

• Rheumatic and neurological diseases

• Ankylosing Spondylitis

• Stress and muscular tension

• Psoriatic arthritis

• Chronic pain conditions and accident conditions with prolonged and severe pain diagnosed as


There are also special programs for "restart" and "recovery". More information about the facility is available at

Contributions may also be submitted for consideration at another appropriate convalescence / recreation facility.

Employees of Atlas Copco in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland can apply. Also applies for Atlas Copco retirees and their survivors. To the application should a current medical certificate be attached.

Atlas Copco retirees and their survivors, in the countries above, may also apply for contribution for dental care expenses and the purchase of glasses / contact lenses or hearing aids (limited amount). Include estimates, receipts or bank confirmation of invoice payment that is not older than two years and not annissued before the date of retirement.

With an Atlas Copco retiree means a retiree, which must be full time (100%), where the last job before retiring was a company in the Atlas Copco Group in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and with survivors, who shall be retired, means the deceased's spouse or certified partner.

The Foundation of October 5th, 1969 meets twice a year, in the Spring and the Autumn. The Board includes representatives from the management and members of the union organizations. There is also included an adjunct administrator.

Want to find out more or to get an application form? Read more on the IMS Portal or

contact Ann-Sofi Peippo, phone: +46 19-670 70 58, e-mail:

Last day of application for spring 2021 is September 10, 2021.